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Apr 04, 2021

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For the 2020 campaign, called “Smart and Safe Arizona,” his company donated $1.8 million, joining Curaleaf and Copperstate Farms, two other cannabis companies, as major investors. Along with other donors, they hired Strategies 360 , a public affairs firm in Seattle that ran a successful 2016 campaign to unseat Joe Arpaio , the anti-immigration crusader who once sent a team to Hawaii to collect Barack Obama’s birth certificate, from his 24-year tenure as the Sheriff of Maricopa County. This time, the opposition to marijuana raised only a fraction of the funds it had in 2016. “They didn’t have those big-ticket donors that came around four years ago,” Ms. Brandt said. Plus, she said, “the election overshadowed any ballot initiative,” she said. “It flew under the radar, which was a great outcome for us.” Politicians in Arizona were also concerned about job losses caused by the pandemic and an economic slump, legalization supporters said. “The Republicans here all saw the amount of money coming in from other states, what they were making with their sales taxes and how much money cannabis is making,” Ms. Matarese said. “They really had no choice but to accept it, especially when the economy is on a downturn.” Different types of concentrates on display at the Harvest dispensary.Credit...Adriana Zehbrauskas for The New York Times Arizona is a popular next settling place for Californians. “You see slogans like, ‘Don’t California My Arizona,’” said Jaimie McKenna, the marketing manager at see here Local Joint. “But it’s kind of heading in that direction regardless, because Californians are coming here anyway.” According to the real estate services website Redfin, the number of people moving to Phoenix from Los Angeles increased by about 35 percent since 2019. One reason? The housing costs, on average, half as much . “Arizona reminds me a lot of California,” said Adam Pressler-Smith, the vice president of operations at Connected Cannabis , who moved to the southwestern state three years ago. His company, founded in Sacramento, made its first out-of-state expansion last year — into Arizona, of course. He’s found that distribution is easier there because of the centralized nature of the market; most businesses are in the Phoenix area. California is seen as a leader in the cannabis space. In the two-plus decades since it legalized medical marijuana , the number of Americans who support legalization has gone up from about one-third to two-thirds, and more than a dozen states have fully legalized marijuana. Nonetheless, arrests for possession of marijuana make up the majority of drug-related offenses in the United States. Advocacy groups have helped to push for decriminalization and legalization.


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sanctions that cut off access to American processor chips for tech giant Huawei and some other companies FILE - In this May 14, 2020, file photo, employees wearing protective equipment work at a semiconductor production facility for Renesas Electronics during a government organized tour for journalists in Beijing. China has announced tax breaks to spur growth of its semiconductor industry following U.S. sanctions that cut off access to American processor chips for tech giant Huawei and some other companies. (AP Photo/Mark Schiefelbein, File) BEIJING -- China announced tax breaks Monday to spur growth of its semiconductor industry following U.S. sanctions that alarmed the ruling Communist Party by cutting off access to American processor chips for tech giant Huawei and some other companies. Leaders declared accelerating efforts to transform China into a self-reliant “technology power” to be this year’s top economic priority after the tariff war with Washington highlighted its reliance on U.S. components for smartphones and other industries Beijing wants to develop. Chipmakers can import machinery and raw materials tax-free through 2030, the Finance Ministry and other agencies announced. They did not say how large a subsidy to manufacturers that might represent. Beijing has spent heavily over the past two decades to build up a Chinese chip industry, but its makers of smartphones and other technology still rely on the United States, Europe and Taiwan for their most advanced components. Then-President Donald Trump cut off Huawei Technologies Ltd.’s access to U.S. processor chips and other technology in 2019 in a fight over Beijing’s industrial ambitions. Last year, Trump tightened curbs by prohibiting global suppliers from using U.S. technology to make chips for Huawei. That threatens to cripple its smartphone business, which was the No. 1 global seller in early 2020 but has dropped out of the top five brands. Political analysts expect little change in the U.S. position under President Joe Biden, who succeeded Trump in January. The Huawei founder, Ren Zhengfei, said in February it is “very unlikely” sanctions will be lifted. Processor chips and other semiconductors are China’s biggest single import, totaling more than $300 billion a year.